I've moved

I've moved my blog and content to www.swissarmywife.net which is now on Wordpress. I've been meaning to make this move for several months now but the size of the task while trying to move across country was way too much for me to handle.

Now that we are settled I made the switch. There is NO WAY I could have done this without TJ. I am self-hosting which is different then having WordPress host it and I had so many many issues yesterday that without him I would have given up completely. He is my personal superhero.

So anyway, I hope WordPress is error free and gives me the options I'm looking for. Of course I'm hoping all my followers will head and over and follow me there. I couldn't find a way to kidnap you all and take you there, so I'll need to beg you to follow me (using several options) on the new site. Thanks a bunch!

I only wish these were *my* legs. I borrowed the photo, so it's only right that I link to the Etsy shop I saw them on. Follow Me Stockings.